Water & Natural Resources Foundation, Inc.

Dedicated to Protecting Florida’s Beautiful Waterways 

We are a grassroots, all volunteer, 501(C)3 Non Profit organization dedicated to the best management and conservation of natural resources for present and future generations through public education and interaction with all entities charged with these responsibilities.


Florida Is blessed with an abundance of ponds, lakes, rivers and springs.  A large local area is also a protected state forest.  This a a huge recreational opportunity for us all.  However, we are beginning to see the negative effects on the environment by over-building, climate change and pollution.  We are seeing the loss of quantity and quality of our water, alteration of animal habitats, and proliferation of exotic harmful plant and animal life.

You can help us change the negative impacts on our local environment by turning what we learn into positive action.

By educating our existing and future generations on how to be good stewards of the environment, we can play a long term role in protecting our natural systems and you can play an equally vital role in making that work possible.


Free Fishing Tournament for Kids 

Monthly Dinner Meetings

Lake Restoration Projects

Fun Fundraising Events 


Sponsors of Environmental Education

Environmental Educational Speakers

Participation in Community Events

Support of Marine Science Station Crystal River

Meet some of our Board Members, Videos made by volunteer, Bob Rutemiller  "SCADA Bob"